Your shipments are prepared at the time of receiving the confirmation of payment (credit card or bank transfer) Normally a bank transfer takes 3 10:00 a.m. to 4 working days.

From this moment you should have about 7-10 days for shipping in the country. For any questiong that you need to make of your shipment please contact us at 928121025 from monday to sunday from 10:00 10:00 a.m. to 20:30

On orders over 25€, the shipping is free in Spain in new and used products.

Your purchase is 100% insured
If at any time when you receive the product the packaging is damaged, please take a photo and state it on the carrier’s delivery note.
Check that the product is in perfect condition. If not please contact us.

Product Availability:

When delivered verify the availability of products ordered. In case of unavailability, will contact the customer to inform and advise the unavailability of new deadlines or propose other similar products in features and prices that are in stock.


All prices in the store include the updated igic at the time of sale.

LPWS Wind & Kite, SL, reserves the right to change prices at any time. Rates apply in force at the time of . ordering.

Returns & Exchanges:

100% guarantee with our after-sales service. If when you receive your product you do not like it or it is not your size, you have 15 days to request the exchange for another product or the refund of the money of your purchase. In both cases the shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

Payment Systems: There are 3 forms of payment:

Transfer: If selected as payment bank transfer, the client will receive with your order confirmation e-mail which will indicate the account number where you make the bank transfer to , LPWS & up at the premises, of LPWS Wind & Kite, SL. It is important to indicate the name and the material. The transfer must be made within 3 days from. the date 3 the order is placed.

Credit Card Payment by card: LPWS Wind & Kite, SL has a virtual TPV used for such operations. & up at the premises, you have. any problems with the payment Tfno: +34 928121025



Paypal: you need only this , dates::



LPWS Wind & up at the premises, reserves the right to vary the type of delivery and the company for which it is made, regardless of the discussion in these pages, provided that any way be detrimental to the client.

Refund: In case of refund, refunds to the customers will be made in Euros.


LPWS Wind & Kite, SL & up at the premises, benefit from the guarantee given by the various manufacturers of each of the items. Defects or damage due to improper use or handling of the material or wear caused by normal use thereof,, are not included in this warranty. For all items processed under warranty, shipping and return (new item or repair) , will be borne (by) the customer or deliver and pick you & up at the premises, of LPWS Wind & Kite, SL


It is your responsability to be technically trained to use materials that are sold in the store.


We offer financing for you purchases. simple.

No need to change banks 3 and 36 uncomfortable. Valid for purchases above 150€

Monthly payments shall be domicilied in their usual bank. !. absolutely free, so you do, not have to bother the least.

One way to pay fast, secure and comfortable. Studies inmediate confidentially. Second pre-acceptance.

Discount Bonuses

Discount bonuses are not cumulative, it is not allowed to use several discount bonuses together in the same purchase.


LPWS reserves the right to cancel an order received. If an order cancellation occurs, LPWS will refund the purchase amount.

Customers can request cancellation of their order. The order cannot be canceled if LPWS has sent it before the cancellation request

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