The Wing Foil is the new sport that is sweeping all the beaches! And in our school we are sure that you will learn and experience this new sensation of flying over water.. We put at your disposal:

  • The best equipment, with top brands like North, Naish, Cabrinha, Being, Slingshot, Starboard y JP
  • Specialized instructor in Wing Foil
  • Personalized courses with small groups so that you have quality learning.

The Wing Foil initiation course consists of 5 days (2 hours each day) structured as follows:

  • Day 1: Wingfoil class on land, where the objectives will be: turn the wing, catch the wing correctly, control the wing in neutral positions, control power and direction, control body position and dynamic balance and self-rescue.
  • Day 2: Flip the wing in the water, flip the board from left to right and vice versa, kneeling stand up, stand up, paddling.
  • Day 3: Be able to control the Foil in standing flight.
  • Day 4: Unify all the concepts to start flying with the long Wing. Keep the flight sailing long.
  • Day 5: Improvement and reinforcement of all the previous concepts.



We put at your disposal the best specialized Wing Foil monitors so that you can continue to evolve and perfect jibe or maneuvers.

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