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The 021 S-1 Pro introduces CARBON FUSION, the next level in load-path sail design. Panels of highly warp oriented carbon fibre are welded together to form an ultralight skin that reacts and responds to rider input as if it’s alive.
Each panel is oriented to allow horizontal elasticity, whilst locking up the vertical stretch.

Core stability is maintained under load to maximise wind range. Dynamic flex with instant reflex creates a spring that can be loaded up for explosive release. Lock and load.

The S-1 Pro is a four batten layout in all sizes. Moderate back hand pressure provides the juice to power into any manoeuvre. Large monofilm window for maximum visibility.
Ultimate performance.

Used by Jaeger Stone, the S-1 Pro has been developed to power up his style;
/ High stability to maintain profile integrity under extreme conditions.
/ Optimised window for pinpoint precision when attacking the lip.
/ Power on tap for turbo boost jumps and wave destruction.

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