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Mastil Neilpryde SPX 90 RDM

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SPX90 RDM 2017

The SPX90/95 masts have a very high concentration of carbon fibre (90% carbon in RDM and 95% carbon in SDM) and are therefore extremely strong. Compared to TPX100 we built an additional safety layer of strength: a loop with an increased prepreg thickness spirally wound around the mast. This layer does not affect the stiffness or bend curve of the mast but increases the strength. It reinforces the column and prevents the mast ovalization during compression, eliminating the main reason of mast breakages.



Length/cm Stiffness Weight/kg
340 15 1.30
370 17 1.40
400 19 1.50
430 21 1.70

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340, 370, 400, 430


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