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Starboard 7´10×29″ 2019 Pro Starlite



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2019 Starboard Pro 7’10 x 29 Starlite

  • The 2019 range has a shorter nose outline.
    • Feels more compact and maneuverable to pivot without the nose catching through the turns.
    • Feels more stable despite being shorter due to less curve to rock from nose to tail.
  • volume: 102 L
  • Pulled in Tail Outline
    • helps fit in the pocket of the wave for late take-offs and provides faster response in turning.
  • Flat Standing Area
    • helps hold a wider stance for extra stability in choppy water.
  • Update! Knify rails help avoid catching white wash and improved control.
  • Fin setup:
    • Quad and thruster set up options available to suit different riding styles and conditions.
    • Fins are positioned close to the rails for quick and sharp response when turning.
    • V shape bottom between fins gives sensitive rail-to-rail transitions.


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