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Starboard Hypernut Foil Starlite 2019

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  • 8´0"x31´5
  • 7´4"x30"
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  • The Hypernut is short, wide and stable.
  • The Freeride is ultimate downwind foil board.
  • The absolute choice to enter the new Era.

10’3″ x 27″ FREERIDE The Freeride’s proven wide nose and tail provides extra stability and balance when applying powerful strokes needed to get foiling in choppy swell.

8’0″ x 31.5″ HYPERNUT Ideal for heavier riders, the longer length increases glide and stability to catch waves easily and get up and foiling early.

7’4″ x 30″ HYPERNUT Combines short length for precise trim control of the foil with stability from the wide tail and width.

6’10” x 26.5″ HYPERNUT  Shortest length makes it ultra-responsive and easier to maneuver for lighter weight and higher skilled riders.

7’4″ x 30″ HYPERNUT 4IN1 

    • SUP in waves
    • Foil SUP in waves
    • Windsurf in the waves
    • Foil Windsurf anywhere

When Jean Colmas sent us the photos of him windsurfing the Hypernut in New Caledonia, my first question was how the Hypernut would feel like windsurfing in the waves without foil.

We received some exciting low resolution videos from the other reefs of New Cal and it looked good.

Suddenly, I was stepping off a plane in Bali to double check the report and had a Bali wavesailing the Hypernut at Canggu beach.

The light wind test in Thailand also proved it to be a fun option for flat water foiling.

The Hypernut 7’4” 4 in 1 is now my “can do everything” travel board. It’s no secret that the 7’4” Hypernut is recognised as the perfect foil SUP board and the most cutting edge SUP surf boards in the market.

It has a foil box, outside strap inserts for flat water windsurf foiling, it sports an extra set of 5’5”front fins, providing that extra drive when windsurfing it in the waves.”

Svein Rasmussen

Note: Starboard foil boards are not supplied with the foil.

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8´0"x31´5, 7´4"x30"


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