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Slingshot SlingWing V2

WingFoil SlingWing

Do you want to feel the sensation of being propelled by the wind over the water, from the earth or from the snow? You have good skills on a board but still have no experience with a sail or a kite? No problem!, Wingfoil's new wing the SlingWing has come to help us. The most attractive thing about the Wing is its simplicity and the freedom it offers us while we sail. Just get on your board, set the wing at the proper angle and you're good to go. Generates power in a simple and controlled way, expose the wing or release the rear hand when you want to stop accelerating.

More about the SlingWing

During the last year Wing-Surfing has experienced a great boom and Slingshot has been observing and developing. The new Wingfoil SlingWing V2 has a super light construction, half the weight of its predecessor V1. Thanks to its lightness, now it is much easier to handle the wing and correct the oscillations while hunting the wing. Beginners will have less load on their arms in light wind conditions, and the more advanced will find it much easier to water start with smaller and low volume boards.

Another key feature are the 5 wing attachment points, These will allow you to find that perfect angle for that length that you will wish never to end. The arched dihedral shape offers greater stability and allows to harmonize power and control between the body, the wing and the table. Another key feature is the construction is the D4 canopy that together with a double seam on the leading edge allows inflation at a higher PSI which offers greater tension throughout the entire Wing.. This voltage means less flutter.

All these improvements are made taking into account last year's model. Slingshot knows how much fun it is to surf with the Wing, for this reason it is reinforced to avoid damage in those tumbling in the waves that are part of the game.

Why you will love the SlingWing

– Super light, the new SlingWing weighs half that of its predecessor

– Offers comfortable one-handed operation and offers great control while sailing or surfing, no oscillations or strange movements.

– The power it offers in the low wind ranges allows you to get up on practically any type of board and water stars

– Comfortable handles offer full control and enough ergonomics to enjoy hours of surfing.

– The stability of the dihedral shape allows the wind to “harmonize” with the Wing, your body and the board offering full speed control.

– The SlingWing is an all-terrain for paddle surfing, ski, snowboard, skateboard, mountain board y foil.


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