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Sling Wing Classic 4.2

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Sling Wing Classic 4.2

Slingwing classic V.1

New to 2020, Slingwing is part of windsurfing, kite party, and part of flying, each thing the most basic. When you combine it with your foil, you enter a new sport that simplifies the experience and the equipment you need to fly around the water pushed by the wind.. If you are new to wind sports, the slingwing is easier and safer to use than any of its predecessors, and if you are experienced, it will be fun and a simple style of navigation that you will enjoy right away.

The Slingwing has a light weight, It is an inflatable wing that has a rigid construction when inflated and can be stored in a small bag. No harness needed, lines, bar, mast or boom. It is designed to go with a foil or non-foil paddle board with enough volume for the rider to stand and also works for snow or skate.

Why you will love the Slingwing?

Using the wind to go through water or land is an addictive sensation, and the Slingwing is another way to experience it. It is unique and simple to use. Just stay on your board, put the wing at the right angle and fly. To generate power you will have to regulate the angle with the most rearward arm and to stop generating power simply hold the wing with the handle on the leading edge.

For whom it is?

One of the good things about the Slingwing is how simple and safe it is to use.. All you need is a foil board or a paddle board with a good volume and some basic notions of the wind.. It was designed to match the foil, and since the friction is very low and you can have your arm slightly stretched when you are sailing. It works the same when you are not foil on a paddle board on a skateboard on skis or snowboard.

Technical characteristics.

– Bombproof Slingshot Construction.

Slingshot takes more than 20 years building the most durable material on the market. The Slingwing has been built as the first standards of the innovations used in kites.

– Inflatable trailing edge.

The Slingwing is uniquely designed and has an inflatable trailing edge around the entire wing (not just the leading edge like other wings). This makes a greater difference between benefits, wind load, fabric keeps out fluttering.

– Grip Wings.

Multiple grip throughout the construction and around the leading edge and center rib give you the freedom to place your hands where they are most comfortable regardless of maneuverability. This unique design gives a better posture on the wing to manipulate the angle of attack with better precision and less effort..

– Single rib.

The Slingwing has a center rib that is long and loaded and for good reason. The rib profile has more grip and more leverage over the center of the wing axis, which translates to more efficient control in your hands.

– Windows.

Look through the center panels when you are sailing with the wing in front of you.

– Skate Scuff Tough Strips.

Reinforcements that increase the durability of the wing incredibly, to use the wing not only in the water, but also skateboarding or in the snow.

– High pressure valves.

To withstand maximum pressure.

– Constant curve leading edge.

Multi-part segmented leading edge for a perfect shape.

– One pump.

For a super fast inflation.

– Handles on the leading edge.

To give the rider more options and range of motion while riding.

– Split strut.

Integration of fabric and center rib for maximum structure and performance.

– Safety leash.

Better more security than forgiveness. The Slingwing comes with a safety leash that attaches to the center of the leading edge.

– Carrying bag.

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