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Board Shred Sled V1 7´0″

If you are looking for your first board for Foil or you want to travel with the minimum quiver possible or you are looking for the freedom to practice 3 different disciplines with a table, the Shred Sled is your best option.

Why will you love the Shred Sled

– Versatile Foil Board for: Wing Foil, Windsurf Foil and SUP Foil with a lot of buoyancy and stability for any rider.

– Compact enough to maintain its agility and maneuverability on the Foil.

– Flat deck for easy transitions and good footwork.

– Insert for centered footstraps with angled front foot for increased pomp power and agility.

– Handle in the foil area that will leave you a free hand to carry the sail, rowing or wing.

– Adjustable Foil Rail


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