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SIZE: 4’5″ x 21.5″/45L ; 4’5″ x 24″/ 60L ; 4’5″ x 26″/ 75L; 5’0″ x 27″/ 95L; 5’5″ x 28″/105L; 5’7″ x 28.5″/115L; 6’0″ x 29.5″/125L; 6’5″ x 31″/145L

The X-Winger boards are specialized wing foiling machines! These shapes are very compact with plenty of volume and width. JP X-Winger.

JP X-Winger. JP X-Winger. The concave deck shape is equipped with a comfortable pad and additional increased arch and tail kick pad supporting and guiding the foot in the perfect position when riding strapless. JP X-Winger, JP X-Winger.

The boards are made in our ultimate PRO technology to ensure the lightest weight and also in IPR, to get the best cost/benefit ratio.
The strength of the track boxes is second to none – full deck to bottom PU blocks with multiple reinforcements covering our signature long US tracks for superior leverage to any forces a foil can throw at it.

JP X-Winger, we added two shorter 4’5″ sizes to the X-Winger range for MY22.

we added two shorter 4’5″ sizes to the X-Winger range for MY22.

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4'5" x 21.5", 4'5" x 24", 4'5" x 26", 5'0" x 27", 5'5" x 28", 5'7" x 28.5", 6'0" x 29.5", 6'5" x 31"


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