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Now in its third iteration, the Crosswing X3 sets a new standard in efficiency and power on demand.

Cabrinha’s R&D team has done detailed work on the wing profile and new radial canopy panel design to achieve our most reactive and highest performing wing to date.

Through a larger leading edge diameter with a load-distributing centre section construction, we have created an exceptionally stiff frame, which is further enhanced by the X3’s innovative twin strut. This frame gives the rider the ultimate feeling of efficiency and performance in both lighter winds, where pump and efficiency are required, and in stronger winds where stability and control are greatly increased.

Strategic window locations with the dual strut combination allow for a wide field of vision.

Whether you are pushing to new heights or simply relaxing on your journey, take advantage of all the new cutting-edge technical attributes of the X3.

Design profile: state-of-the-art inflatable dihedral with powerful profile and “ultra rigid double strut”.


NEW: Ergonomic wide handle layout for micro-adjustment/trimming
NEW: Larger LE diameter with load-distributing centre section for improved stiffness and canopy tension
NEW: Improved low end
NEW: Large diameter HD lock seam construction
NEW: Improved balance, linear power delivery and upwind steering
NEW: Ultra-stiff double flared strut for aerodynamic support and improved response
NEW: Radial cowl design for improved response and stiffness
High tenacity Dacron LE
Sprint inflation valve
Nanotechnology ripstop fabric
Safety wrist strap included
Kevlar wingtip reinforcement
Harness line attachment points
Key features:
Radial panel design.

The new radial panel design creates a narrower overall shell and a firmer structure, created by the load distribution seams.

Increased LE diameter

the larger diameter leading edge creates a stiffer and more rigid frame. Special attention has been paid to the centre where the load is evenly distributed.


An incredibly efficient performance wing that allows you to cruise at lower airspeeds and increase the wing’s momentum when pointing into the wind.


The ergonomic handle design has been refined to offer the optimal handle location for micro-adjustments/trim while controlling the wing.




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