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Starboard developed three variations of tail wings with a surface area of 255 cm. This is developed with the C300 construction, this means that it consists of 100% carbon. C300 also stands for the specific stiffness in the tail wing.

Starboard creates with the -2 Thin version a tail wing that is suitable for slalom. The -2 refers to the angle at which the tail wing is mounted on the fuselage. Because the tail wing is tilted two degrees downwards, the foil is pressed down more at the front. There is less forward pressure and this results in a higher end speed. Because of the thin outline, the foil is easier to steer, which is of course perfect for slaloming.

Features of the Starboard Tail Wing 255 -2 Thin

  • 100% Carbon
  • 255 cm2
  • C300
  • Slalom ready


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