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The MACH 1 foil range is designed to provide the highest level of speed and control to wing foilers, but is also an ideal kite, windsurf and surf foil. Drawing inspiration from the Wind/Wing HA 914, this series features extra thin, very stable and slippery foil sections that prioritize speed while also offering a surprisingly wide range, good glide and low stall speed.

Take offs are relatively simple as long as riders commit to providing enough power when necessary. With its diverse capabilities, the Mach 1 will prove particularly useful for experienced wing foilers seeking a front wing option that covers all their needs regardless of riding conditions – flat water blasting, racing, jumping or carving in the surf. Furthermore, its unique design ensures that it can remain dynamic even during high speed runs while keeping drag levels minimal – a key feature which allows riders to maintain control without sacrificing speed.


The Mach 1 is also outfitted with strategically placed anhedral wings which allow for improved turning ability while simultaneously promoting lift at lower speeds. All of these factors combine to create a reliable piece of equipment suitable for both recreational and competitive foiling in any environment.


Fast and stable wing.

Thin and stable foil section
Prioritizes speed and gliding.

Minimal Drag
Great control at high speeds.

Anhedral wings
Improved turning ability and promotes lift at low speeds.

100% Prepreg 3K Carbon Outer Layer Satin Finish
Durable and lightweight construction.

Dual Expansion Core Construction
Molded lightweight layup utilizing UD Carbon and Glass Laminate.  

Scarf Joint Connection to Fuselage
Proven and compatible with earlier Naish fuselage models.

Projected Surface Area (cm2) Projected Surface Area (in2) Front Wingspan (cm) Front Wingspan (in) Weight (KG) Weight (LB)
550 85,3 65 25,6 0.63 1,39
700 108,5 72.9 28,7 0.86 1,90
900 139,5 80 31,5 1.3 2,87
1100 170,5 88.9 35 0.95 2,09



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