Gaastra Manic 3.3m 2019



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The Gaastra Manic 2019 windsurf sail is a sail that combines power and sensation, creating one of the most radical wave sails on the market with more power than ever. With the new Manic, wave-loving practitioners will be able to surf in all conditions, even the most demanding. New designs adapted to each measurement make the most of each sail size. With a more powerful profile, larger Manic sails will quickly create speed to catch waves in light, gusty winds and perform big jumps on even the lightest days. The 4 sabers of the Manic 4.7 and smaller create a radical feeling and allow an immediate response in tight turns and explosive cuts. All sails have been fitted with a new panel design with a smaller window and new parallel saber concept, creating a more compact contour and a lighter, smoother and more balanced feel. In addition, materials are added that add greater resistance to UV rays and with a shiny appearance. Our convertible saber system allows you to use the Manic with a short saber above the arm, according to the preferences of each practitioner. The Manic range is more versatile than ever.


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