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An evolution of a completely new sail designed from the water up for no compromise slalom racers. Wherever you race, from the PWA to the Defi Wind to the next target in front of you, the only thing that will slow these sails down will probably be you. It is fast, powerful, and ultra reactive in the hands. A true race sail where you need to be constantly at the top of your game as the pilot. For the next generation of this sail we’ve improved the pure top end speed, and making it easier for the rider to achieve this potential. With new flatter profiles, updated twist designs, refined draft postions and an updated material layout the new racing sail offers superior performance over the whole wind range. Significant real and on-the-water weight savings help the sail to disappear in the hands leaving the rider to focus purely on trimming their board. Revolutionary technology & innovation for windsurfing, including a 1 piece monocoque luff pocket and sail body, that is seamless and functions as a whole in the sail’s structure. The air cam system, combined with splitting batten pockets & battens, locks power in the sail and drives you faster. Its soft rotation and a rapid power-up on the new tack, gives options around the buoy, and an amazing burst of acceleration on the other side. World firsts in windsurf sail design, exclusive to North Sails. Go Beyond.
3Di Molded Technology
Air Cam
Integrated Material Reinforcements
Integrated Batten Pockets, Splitting Pockets & Battens
Rock-It Batten Tensioner
EZ Clew
EZ Downhaul Race
3Di Dyneema Aramid Tape Material with a Dyneema Aramid Helix SL load path
Clear Windows; either PVC or Monofilm with a larger size for maximum visibility on the race course
3Di Composite Luff Sleeve
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North Actionsports

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