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85 · 95 · 105 · 115 · 125 · 135
The all new 2024 CodesThe future wave of bump & jump boardsTrue wave performance with freeride speed. Impossible. Until todayChallenge the KodeExperience next level performance.


Model Code 85 Code 95 Code 105 Code 115 Code 125 Code 135
Volume 85 L 95 L 105 L 115 L 125 L 135 L
Length 226 cm 228 cm 229 cm 230 cm 231 cm 232 cm
Width 60 cm 62 cm 65 cm 67.5 cm 69.5 cm 72 cm
Tail Width 38.9 cm 39.8 cm 41.8 cm 43.1 cm 44.5 cm 45.7 cm
Thickness 12 cm 12.5 cm 13.3 cm 13.9 cm 14.6 cm 14.9 cm
Shape Vee Double Concave to Double Concave in Mono Concave Vee Double Concave to Double Concave in Mono Concave Vee Double Concave to Double Concave in Mono Concave Vee Double Concave to Double Concave in Mono Concave Vee Double Concave to Double Concave in Mono Concave Vee Double Concave to Double Concave in Mono Concave
End Wood : Drake Natural Wave 11 + MFC TF 20 / Carbon : Drake Natural Wave 11 + MFC TF 20+ MFC FreeWave 26 Wood : Drake Natural Wave 11 + MFC TF 21 / Carbon : Drake Natural Wave 11 + MFC TF 21+ MFC FreeWave 28 Wood : Drake Natural Wave 11 + Rush 22 / Carbon : Drake Natural Wave 11 + Rush 22 + MFC FreeWave 30 Wood : MFC FreeWave 32 / Carbon : Drake Natural Wave 13 + Drake Rush 24 + MFC FreeWave 32 Wood : MFC FreeWave 36 / Carbon : Drake Natural Wave 13 + Drake Rush 25 + MFC FreeWave 36 Wood : MFC FreeWave 38 / Carbon : Drake Natural Wave 13 + Drake Rush 26 + MFC FreeWave 38
Sail Range 4.0 – 6.0 m² 4.5 – 6.5 m² 5.0 – 7.0 m² 5.5 – 7.5 m² 6.0 – 8.0 m² 6.5 – 8.5 m²
Weight CS 6.5 kg 6.59 kg 6.89 kg 7.04 kg 7.65 kg 7.9 kg
Weight WS TBA 7.26 kg 7.56 kg 7.59 kg 7.99 kg 8.5 kg



Efficient flat mid-rocker into a very smooth curve under the standing area acts like an accelerator pedal and lets you ride into cruise controlThin rails provide biteWithout grabDouble concave under the nose area boosts planingsmoothing your ride in aggressive conditionsVee concave mid section feeds a pronounced tail Veeempowers the Kode with more wave board turning ability than a crossover board. The 2024 Code sensationDifferent from any other Kode range ever developedCombines more wave riding and blasting ability than any predecessors.


Thruster for reactive turns and wave actionSingle fin for early planing and funfast freerideAll Carbon Sandwich Kodes are supplied with both thruster and single fin set options Wood Sandwich Kode 95 & 105 supplied with thruster finsLarger Kodes supplied with single fin.


All 2024 Kodes come equipped with Powerbox centre and lightweight Starbox side thruster fin boxes except the 85 liters with a US box due to the slim tailFaster assemblymore accurate fin setup and tuning… Our Starbox is compatible with US box fins.


Premium Drake footstraps manufactured from certified natural Yulex-foamthe smoothest fabric for a comfortable rideUnder your feet,10mm thick footpads with diamond grooving pattern provide positive gripmaximising comfort over extended sessions while being resistant to wear-and-tear.


Each Kode underside is laminated in full T700 unidirectional flat-woven carbon for optimized flex, while the deck is 60% carbon, alternating between unidirectional and bi-axial carbon.
Advanced composite sandwich layers utilise only high grade PVC foamenhancing performancestrength and durabilityThe result is the lightest construction delivering a structurally strong board offering a precisecontrolled and responsive ride. Comfortable, direct and efficient.


Developed by Jean Louis Colmas in 1984, Wood Technology became Starboard’s trademark construction in 1995- and made Starboard the world’s number one Windsurfing brand 7 years later. Wood Technology remains a proven favourite for riders preferring more comfort and controlcombined with that unique crisp “wood” feelFull Wood Sandwich lamination of 0.6mm Australian Pinewood over PVC foam ensures impact resistance and comfort with optimum strength to weight ratioDurability is further enhanced with UV protection filmcomplimenting the natural wood grain with a blue shine effect. A classy re-edition of a classic Starboard Original.


Wave: Adjust your mast base and footstraps around the white marks.

FreeWave: Adjust your mast base and footstraps around the light blue marks.

Freeride: Adjust your mast base and footstraps around the dark blue marks.


Ultralightweight at a reasonable price. The bottom is built in high-density PVC and glass to increase comfort while the deck has also 60% carbon with Uni-Directional layers. The overall results create a smooth responsive light feeling. For maximum protection from impacts and heavy-duty, all Carbon Sandwich Kodes are built with Carbon Innegra rails.
Code 85, 95 and 105 accelerate quicker with increased area behind the fin. This lift is balanced with more nose area, creating a super smooth ride in choppy waters. Manoeuvrability is enhanced by the added curve around the front footstraps. The new Kode hip outline makes bottom turns and jibes notably more engaging and flowing.

85 // Length: 226cm // Width: 60cm // 2 x StarBox 13.5 + US Box

95 // Length: 228cm // Width: 62cm // 2 x StarBox 13.5 + Power Box

105 // Length: 229cm // Width: 65cm // 2 x StarBox 13.5 + Power Box

We want to make wave riding accessible to everyone in any conditions. Do you want to wave ride even if the wind is light and the currents are strong? Do you want a confident board that is easy to balance through the shorebreaks? The 115, 125 & 135 Kodes feature larger centre line volumes with thin, responsive rails, which allow you to enjoy tricky conditions. Ride more waves with ease. Or switch out the wave riding thrusters for the single fin and enjoy a high speed freeride blast.

115 // Length: 230cm // Width: 67,5cm // 2 x StarBox 13.5 + Power Box

125 // Length: 231cm // Width: 69,5cm // 2 x StarBox 13.5 + Power Box

135 // Length: 232cm // Width: 72cm // 2 x StarBox 13.5 + Power Box


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