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NAISH TOURING 14`0″X30″ GTW 2020

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Tabla Paddle Surf Naish Touring 14`0″ GTW 2020


For whom it is?

The Naish SUP Touring GTW boards are boards designed for paddlers looking for a touring board, explore fitness.

What stands out?

Touring offers great stability and a smooth ride, effortlessly. Also, offers the possibility of carrying merchandise or equipment in the nose part.

Why is it unique?

The Touring paddle surf board is a board that collects all the performance characteristics of racing boards and applies them to a board with greater stability.

Quick and easy to row, the Touring 14'0 ”GTW is a board built for adventures. With 14 pies, the Touring offers the best glide and good handling.

The rocker is optimized to obtain the best performance from each stroke which will help you conserve energy and with this board you will go further in each session. With a slightly curved deck and a flat bottom in the stance area they improve stability on the board. The shape of the nose cover glides perfectly in all water conditions, ensuring smooth sailing even on choppy or windy conditions. Another key to this shape is the great comfort zone it offers and the great stability at the stern., making it accessible to any skill level.

For those who want to explore or fish, The SUP Touring board includes some inserts in the nose and in the stance area to carry cargo or any instrument you need for your adventures.

Also, Touring comes with an MFC weedfin fin, a specially shaped fin to avoid getting entangled or stuck with any aquatic plants and offers the best stability on course.

If you want to see what's behind that bay or want to explore what's behind the horizon, the Touring is ready to take you.



– Handle: Ergonomic, easy to handle and load.

– Bamboo Sandwich Deck & Bottom: Great resistance + light + durable.

– Cargo Inserts: Easy to load material for long trips.

– MFC Weedfin 9.5: Great steering stability + through sea vegetation easily.




Model Length Width Thickness Volume
14’0″ 14′” / 426.7cm 30″ / 76.2cm 6 1/4″ / 15.9cm 320L


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