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If you are looking for a board with additional stability and stiffness, you need the 12'6 '' Voyager inflatable paddle board from Red Paddle Co. Its greater length and thickness make it the perfect board for longer excursions and for taller, larger users. Also, its extra length makes it easy to accommodate a child or dog in the front while you paddle, and you can take advantage of its large cargo areas to carry your camping equipment. You will feel especially confident on this board, thanks to its extraordinary stability in all conditions.

Our exclusive MSL technology, in combination with our patented RSS system, gives the board more rigidity at lower pressure, compared to other boards on the market; something that you will undoubtedly need in a real adventure with your board well loaded… .no inflatable mats!

At the bottom of the board there is a removable fin made by FCS, world's best surfboard fin makers. Easily inserted into the fin box by hand and secured with a thumb screw.

New in 2021 - the revolutionary V-Hull: By achieving an ingenious cut of the structure in dense polyester (drop stitch) more narrow, the new Voyager displacement hull, V-shaped and similar to the hull of a ship, breaks the surface tension of the water and keeps you plowing with every stroke. The board cuts through water with ease and more speed. Simply, a revolutionary table. Scientifically proven to be more effective and efficient than flat hull boards, that tend to pull the tip into the water. With the V-Hull Voyager you can row for longer and with less effort. Another plus… the concave tip on the top surface allows more space under the elastic cables for all your gear. Find out how we created this new feature here.

Aletas Twin - in 2021 we released a fin assembly type “twin fin” in our range of Voyager boards, which improves the glide on the water and helps to stay the course. By having two shorter fins, instead of a bigger one, you will be able to access much shallower waters, leading you to paddle on a greater variety of waterways. Also, you can load all the gear for your adventure on your board and it will stay remarkably stable, without swaying from side to side, as with a single fin.

Timeless design: We've updated the iconic Red Paddle Co design to 2021 with a new character and style. Enlarged deckpad with embossed Red logo reaches all the way to the tail and wraps the board almost to the edge, offering greater comfort and grip. The posterior section, diamond cut, provides added grip when making pivoting turns and in rough waters.

Flat elastic cable charging system: ¡EXCLUSIVO DE RED PADDLE CO! - The larger size of the flat elastic self-closing straps creates more tension and keeps all your gear firmly on board. All boards include three elastic straps at the tip of the board, and Voyagers have three more in the back, preparing you for any adventure.

Ergonomic tubular handles on all boards for a padded and comfortable grip when carrying your board.

¡New Titan II inflator! Included in all our SUP packages. Our newly remodeled Titan II inflator, industry leader, will allow you to go from a perfectly packed board to a fully inflated board in half the time, and with half the effort. Discover the novelties of the Titan II inflator here.

Mochila All Terrain – The most liberating thing about our inflatable boards is how easy it is to take them on a trip. Whether you plan to drive to the beach, as if you are going to travel to the other end of the world, all our boards deflate to fit perfectly in our All Terrain backpack, specially designed for you to easily take your board to its next destination.

Buy your board package online now, or choose it and pick it up at your nearest Red dealer. The waves are calling you.


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