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Mastil X-Fiber Black Series RDM 80%

masts 80% X-Fiber RDM Black Series carbons are “constant curve” and use the latest pre-preg technology (pre PREG) carbon.

X-Fiber masts meet all expectations for perfect sail balance, with high resistance, flexibility and weight reduction, thanks to uniquely controlled heating and hardening technology, to ensure exact stiffness, Precise curvature and reliable performance on the water.

Benefits of X-Fiber masts:

-super quality / Price


-Consistent quality through prepreg.


MEASURE Planing performance and handling are guaranteed throughout the whole spectrum with the bigger sizes providing more power in light winds and the small sizes being easy to control in hardcore conditions WEIGHT
340 15 1.5KG
370 16 1.6KG
400 19 1.75KG
430 21 2.00KG
460 25 2.20KG

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340, 370, 400, 430, 460


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