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Starboard Wingboard 4’6″ x 25″ Blue Carbon 2021



Starboard Wingboard 4’6″ x 25″ – 69 L Blue Carbon 2021

Starboard Wingboard Blue Carbon 2021 Some riders “get it” right away, while others struggle, this is much down to choosing the right gear and understanding the basics technical aspects. Our target is an early and easy take-off, superb balance while riding, easy touch down with fast relaunch

To get started we need stability and since volume works on leverage, the further away the volume is from your feet, the more stability it creates. We placed the volume in the rails, at the square nose and at the little “platform” at the tail of the board. Stability is also created by having the feet as close to the foil as possible. We do not want to foil with “High Heels”, so the thinner a board is, the better it rides.

Makes it incredibly forgiving on touchdowns as the nose bounces and skims off the large surface area, not sticking and slowing you down.


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