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Starboard Foil Set S-Type 2000 Glass

A new line of entry foils

The Glass series are entry foils that are fully compatible and upgradable with Starboard FoilsModular Foil Platform.

The blue G100 wings are made from a pre-preg glass sandwich construction. The one-piece fuselage uses a non-adjustable Quick Lock II system for the front wing fitting.

All Glass series foils come with the V8 aluminium mast system.

The Low aspect Ratio foil ideal for easy planing at not very high speeds but has a lot of control in carvings and surfing. Its design allows lift at a very low glide speed, which allows you to release the wing in the air and surf pumps in the middle of the sea or catch reef waves in the Maldives. The foil is delivered with the new V8 aluminum mast, thinner and narrower than its V brothers.


  • Front Wing: 2000cm2
  • Mast: 72cm


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