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The Ocean Surf Glass is a special wing concept that goes against the trend: on a low aspect ratio and with a thin section, giving you control and stability at high speeds. This Ocean Surf series is for foilers who are willing to sacrifice some low-end power and stall resistance at low speeds for more stability and high-end performance.

It is a low aspect wing that makes it powerful and sustaining. The rounded and wide leading edge makes it maneuverable and easy to handle. Its “monoconcave” design adds extra power for takeoff. This creates a lift/endurance curve that is also unique for wings of the 2000/2400 size: you have more control, speed and stability at higher speeds while sacrificing some drag, power and performance at lower speeds.

The construction technology of these wings makes them hyper-rigid, and Starboard claims that they are the lightest according to industry testing.

The Glass series wings are made of a prepreg glass sandwich construction. The one-piece fuselage uses the Quick Lock II System to attach to the forward wing. And all foils in this series come with the V8 aluminum mast, which is very strong and rigid.




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