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Maximum power, maximum upwind performance and the earliest take-off.

Available in Carbon and Aluminium


Compared to the original Race, the new Race Plus swaps the 115 Standard fuselage for the new 115 More fuselage.

This new fuselage shifts the front wing forwards and reduces tail wing angle to make it more aligned with the front wing, creating what we call a High Efficiency Foil Geometry (NZ Pat. App. No. 751177). With both wings flying through the water at more parallel angles, you release more speed, you get quicker acceleration and more control.

“It’s like someone released the handbrake” Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, WEIGHT FOIL CHAMPION.

For racers looking for even more VMG upwind, to 115 Plus Plus fuselage is also available as an upgrade item. This places the front wing even further forward.

The Race Plus foil is designed for maximum power, maximum upwind performance and the earliest take-off.

The Carbon version is supplied with a carbon mast and the Aluminium version is supplied with an aluminium mast.

What’s in the Race Foil Box?


Front Wing: 800
Tail Wing: 255
Fuselage: 115 Plus
Mast: Carbon 95cm Deep Tuttle or Aluminium V5 95cm Deep Tuttle
Other items: 1x Torx Key and a set of bolts to assemble the foil. The Race Plus Carbon is supplied with a Team Bag. The Aluminium version is supplied without.

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Aluminum, Carbon


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