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iGO 2022 (PACK)

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Our most popular range of inflatable paddle boards, you just have to get on board and start rowing!

Before getting on board, you can secure yourself to the board thanks to the light leash that includes. Paddle safely and comfortably knowing that your board is also a lifeboat. The bungee cords on the nose are used to store all kinds of bags or equipment, without getting wet, during your next SUP adventure. IGO boards are known for their stability, good speed and for being super easy to turn while backing up in the wide tail area. The straight board outline helps maintain direction and allows you to paddle longer on one side before switching to the other side of the board, providing greater comfort and even increasing overall speed. This board is the perfect model for beginners, families with pets and anyone who wants less fuss and spend more time in the water.

The model iGO is the best option to get started in SUP. iGO, so it is also very comfortable for riders of a certain weight. Also, is the perfect option for family fun, allowing you to row in the company of the little ones and even as a couple.

It will also allow you to enjoy small waves so it is a versatile board for those who want to enjoy in the water.


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