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Designed with input from whitewater SUP experts, we have moulded a board that offers excellent durability and extreme performance for highly competent users. It’s also a lively and agile board, perfect for shorter river exploration trips.

New! Mounting fins
A completely redesigned mount with the US Fin Box system so you can insert a larger fin to help you keep the board straight, and two smaller click fins on the sides for shallow water. They are fully removable and you can customize them with the setup that best suits the water conditions wherever you go.

The high sidewalls allow the board to move in and out of the current, and the steep profile helps you get over bumps in the water. Multiple grab handles offer safety and control, and the versatile fin mount means the board won’t stall or snag in shallow water sections.

In addition, the board has a US Fin Box so you can insert a larger fin to help you keep the board upright when paddling longer sections of flat water.
Ergonomic tubular handles on all boards offer a padded and comfortable grip when carrying your board.

NEW! ATB Transformer Bag
Introducing a completely new design of our All Terrain backpack, with a bagless carrying system. Its skeleton structure allows you to access more remote waterways without having to carry a bulky bag, just the straps and inflator.

When you do use the bag, its large all-terrain wheels can handle any surface and its clever anthropometric design can be fully customised to your height, to take the utmost care of your body when carrying weight.

The large external pockets give you instant access to any essentials you store in them, and the inside pocket with velcro closure keeps your paddle well protected.

The interior material has a stylish Red motif and is waterproof to minimise moisture ingress. There’s extra space on the inside to store small items and keep your repair kit close at hand.




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