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Adventures taste better with company, that’s why Red Paddle Co has created the 15’0” Voyager Tandem. Imagine the fun of exploring new places with someone else, on this unique board. Designed to carry two passengers (plus a third small companion when you remove the center load points), this board can also carry all your gear, so you’ll have everything you need for a whole weekend of adventures. At 200mm thick, the board has tremendous volume, with plenty of room to carry the occasional extra accessory as well.
The 15’0″ inflatable SUP features seven ergonomic, padded and grippy tubular handles, so you can carry your board comfortably. Built according to the Voyager formula, it has all the technology to keep you traveling in the right direction, even if you’re carrying a lot of weight.

Adjustable loading system
The new improved carrying system for the Voyager range includes three adjustable elastic straps. The double D-ring closure system allows for easy adjustment and release, and the small loop is perfect for storing a water bottle. Its reinforced load point allows you to secure enough gear for any adventure.

ATB Transformer Bag
Completely new design of the All Terrain backpack, with a bagless carrying system. Its skeleton structure allows you to access more remote waterways without having to carry a bulky bag, simply with the straps and inflator. When you do use the bag, its large all-terrain wheels can handle any surface and its ingenious anthropometric design can be fully customized to your height, to take the utmost care of your body when carrying weight. The large external pockets give you immediate access to any essentials you store there, and the inside pocket with Velcro closure keeps your paddle well protected. The interior material has a stylish Red motif and is waterproof to minimize moisture ingress. There’s extra space on the inside to store small items and keep your repair kit close at hand.


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