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A must-have for all wave sailors who want to get the most out of their North Sail and are looking to combine the best performance with unmatched durability. A unique combination of design, materials & technology.

Go BeyondTow-Preg lays a matrix of fibers around the mandrel mechanically, meaning all fibers are continuous over the length of the mast. Every fiber is identical and wall thickness is kept consistent. This results in a lighter and faster response rate mast without any weaknesses or breaking points.

Variable Pitch

Speeding up or slowing down the rotation of the mandrel allows for variation in the angle of the fibers, without reducing fiber count. This precisely controls the bend curve, softness and stiffness of the mast. The result is a super smooth bend curve that matches the design of the sail exactly. This process makes every mast a one-on-one replica of the original design, ensuring quality is always the standard.

Mushroom Sand Stopper

An oversized foam plug, mushroom style, is placed on the top of all mast bottom pieces and extensions, cleaning the sand from the top piece prior to inserting the bottom piece, and keeping the sand out during sailing. As a result, just like magic, you have a sand-free and frictionless connection between your rig components. Getting components blocked together due to sand, is now a distant memory.


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