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North Trace 2023 Kiteboard

Light wind and freeride kiteboard from North

The North Trace 2023 is your session saver! It doesn’t matter whether you want to get on the water on vacation or live at a light wind spot… the North Trace promises you fun sessions with little wind! The Trace has a flat rocker for early planing, a balanced flex pattern and is agile for its size, giving you pop for nice light wind tricks.

The centered inserts are new to the Trace 2023 kiteboard. This allows you to mount your pads & straps centrally and use both edges one after the other as your heel edge. This significantly increases the lifespan of your board, as the heel edge often wears out much faster.

The North Trace 2023 is built in hybrid carbon construction. This means that a Paulownia wood core is reinforced with carbon tape strips. This gives the Trace a higher torsional stiffness, giving you the pop you need for fun on the water. The combination of flat rocker and channels on the underside of the board means you plan early and pick up speed, but still have enough grip to exercise control.

The North Trace 2023 is available in two sizes 145x45cm and 155x46cm and comes with fins and a grab handle.

Buy the North Trace 2023 and buy yourself more time on the water! The twin tip is the perfect extension to the larger sizes of the North Reach or any other light wind kite.

North Trace 2023 Kiteboard

  • North Trace 2023
  • light wind | freeride
  • new: centered inserts
  • Hybrid carbon construction
  • Flat rocker
  • channels
  • Balanced flex
  • ABS edges
  • With fins and handle

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145×45, 155×46


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