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fNorth Orbit 2023 Kite

Big Air Freeride Kite by North Kiteboarding

The North Orbit 2023 is the King of Kites! Big Air is in his DNA and riders like Marc Jacobs prove it regularly! This high performance 5-strut kite offers you enormous lift and hangtime to catapult you to unimagined heights so that you can set a new personal height record. If you want to train your kite loops, late backs and boogie loops or finally dare to pull your first kite loop ever, this kite is the weapon of your choice!

The North Orbit 2023 stays true to its character. For the new generation, however, the kite has been equipped with new N-Dure Dacron material. This is lighter, which saves weight. This results in the kite flying earlier and faster, turning tighter and giving you a bit more lift. In addition, starting this year, North will use a lighter bladder material in the larger sizes, which also saves weight and improves performance in lighter winds. The profile and shape have been retained, but slight adjustments have been made to reduce turbulence and increase flight stability.

The North Orbit is an agile 5-strut kite that is ideal for big air enthusiasts as well as relaxed freeriders. It offers enormous fun due to its comparatively high level of agility and directness. You will feel this especially in kite loops. With this kite you will definitely reach a new level!

The North Orbit 2023 has a wide and open profile. This ensures great boosting qualities and a gradual development of power. The 5-strut construction is super stable in the sky, even in gusty winds and strong winds. If you want, you can adjust the bar pressure and control speed at the tip ends to suit you. The North Orbit has a pleasantly light bar pressure and also reacts to light steering impulses, so that you always feel where your kite is. This is also due to the fact that the bridle lines are directly connected to the lines without pulleys. This leads to a very direct riding experience.

Are you mainly kiting on your twin tip, do you like to jump high or do you want a direct kite with a lot of power on demand for casual freeriding? Then the North Orbit 2023 is your kite! Tested by nature, proven on the podium – no other kite has been seen on so many podiums of various competitions in such a short time as the North Orbit! Get the matching twin tip – the North Atmos Carbon or the North Atmos Hybrid for a perfect session!

Features North Orbit 2023 Kite

  • North Orbit 2023
  • Big Air | freeride
  • new: N-Dure Dacron
  • new: lighter bladders
  • 5 strut construction
  • Four lines
  • Good depower
  • Easy relaunch/ water start
  • Bridle lines without pulleys
  • Direct control feeling without resistance
  • D2 Teijin Cloth
  • Profile reinforcement through transition panels
  • Exo-skeleton construction
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • One pump system




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