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North Flex TT Bindings 2021

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North Flex 2021 Binding

Comfortable twintip kiteboard binding from North

With the new 2021 North twintips there is a new 2021 Flex kiteboard binding. This year”s Flex bindings are slightly darker in color, have a new knitflex lining and the footbed has been upgraded with an extra soft part near your big toe. In addition, the cut-out of the strap is more divided to the front and back, so you can tighten the North Flex 2021 strap better to your feet.

The footbed of the North Flex binding is made of an EVA padding with a grip pattern at the top so that you cannot quickly slip out of the binding. There is an upright edge at your toes, which also provides extra grip. On the inside of the Flex binding there is a pad with three different soft densities heelpads. As a result, shocks that you receive during kite surfing are comfortably absorbed without losing grip. The strap of the North Flex 2021 binding can be attached to the footbed in different ways so that the North Flex binding fits perfectly on your foot. Due to the different attachment points on the Flex binding, it can be placed at an angle on it to create your ideal stance. The North Flex 2021 binding is available in two different sizes S / M and L / XL. For shoe sizes 43 and smaller, S / M is recommended, larger than 43 L / XL is recommended. If you often sail with shoes, it is usually better to choose the L / XL.


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