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North Carve 2022

Lightest, fastest and most high performance Carve yet!

The North Carve is definitely of the most popular surf kites on the market. The 2022 version is the best Carve to date and feels mega playful. North has paid a lot of attention to improving the kite and you can immediately feel that in the handling.

The North Carve 2022 is very powerful, so you can quickly ride it a size smaller than you are used to. The Carve 2022 is powerful, direct and very easy to control. If you push the bar away from you, the Carve immediately releases all its power so that you will not be punished quickly when making a mistake. Very handy when you are racing down the wave at full speed! The Carve lives up to its name and has mega fast steering behaviour in combination with direct control and an enormous depower range. As a result, the Carve 2022 gives you the confidence to focus on the surf – onshore, offshore and everything in between.

This year, the North Carve 2022 has received some crazy technical upgrades. To start with, the kite is made from a new kind of dacron, called N-Force 75! This has made the kite 10% lighter. This results in a better overall balance and light weather performance. Even in less wind, the kite hangs well in the air, which makes the North Carve 2022 also very suitable as a foil kite. The North Carve 2022 is livelier than ever and has a very large wind range. In addition to the N-Force 75 dacron, the Carve has a new active load distribution bridle system, for a mega direct steering behaviour.

The North Carve 2022 is equipped with lighter bladder material in sizes from 9m. This makes the larger sizes even lighter, so they stay in the air better with less wind. This also leads to an extra lively feel with the larger sizes, for extra direct control. The North Carve 2022 is an ultimate surf kite with direct steering behaviour, superior drift and improved wind range. If you love kitesurfing in the waves, you’ll love the new North Carve 2022!


  • North Carve 2022 Kite
  • Lightweight N-Force 75 construction
  • 10% lighter
  • Ultimate surf kite
  • Easy strapless airs
  • Very stable
  • Fast and more lively character
  • Lighter bladder material
  • Greater wind range
  • New Active Load bridle system for the fastest direct control possible



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