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North Astra 2023 Kiteboard

Freeride and big air kiteboard for lightweight riders by North

The North Astra 2023 is an integral part of the North Twintip Range. It’s originally based on the Atmos, so freeride and big air is its home turf. However, it has been optimized for lighter kiters and women. With a tighter stance and softer flex, it offers the ideal blend of performance and comfort. On top, the North Astra 2023 comes now with a fresh and great design!

The North Astra 2023 has a Paulownia wood core and hybrid basalt construction. This offers a good mix of comfort and performance via a balanced flex and pop. This construction uses UD basalt tape that optimizes flex for lighter riders. The inserts are 20mm closer together compared to the Atmos, so you can place your pads & straps narrower together. So, you don’t have the feeling that you have to do a split on your kiteboard but take a more natural position on your twintip. Do you want to cruise more relaxed through choppy waters but still pick up speed and jump high? No problem with the North Astra. If other kiteboards are too stiff and hard for you, then the North Astra is definitely something for you!

With the North Astra 2023 you can take your big air and freeride game to the next level. Whether backrolls and frontrolls, kite loops or even raileys and other unhooked tricks – with the Astra 2023 you have a reliable board in all conditions. With a concave in the bottom and channels on the tips, you’ll have plenty of grip when the wind picks up and you need to hold the edge. Integrated grab rails are perfect for improving your board-off tricks. The ABS rails absorb shock and don’t break out even if you hit a rock!

Are you looking for a super all-round and big air kiteboard? Then bring the North Astra 2023 home as your all-round board and practice new tricks like front rolls, one-footers or kite loops!

Features North Astra 2023 Kiteboard

  • North Astra 2023
  • Allround Freeride | Lightweight riders
  • Hybrid basalt construction
  • Balanced flex
  • Integrated grab rails
  • ABS rails
  • comes with fins and handle



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