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NAISH TORQUE 2 +I3 QR 2022 55CM 22+2M


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Torque 2 bar technology:

  • Anodized Aircraft-grade Aluminum Bar Center provides structural strength, impact resistant and smooth trim line function.
  • Replaceable Nylatron® Insert with titanium screws dramatically reduces friction and wear on the trim line.
  • Color-coded, Double Density EVA Grip with Memory Core provides comfortable, ergonomic grip.
  • Available in 55 cm or 50 cm bar widths.

Bar end technology:

  • Bar/Line Adjuster allows the rider to fine-tune their bar width 5 cm.
  • Retractable Line-retaining Bungees feature a streamlined design that holds flying lines in place while engaged and conveniently retracts when lines are in use.
  • EVA Molded Floaters are designed with maximum flex in key areas for reduced interaction with steering lines.

Kite leash (ISO compliant):

  • Standard Size – 50 cm.
  • Quick Release is designed for easy operation and quick reload.
  • Surface Treated, Stainless Steel Parts are corrosion resistant.
  • Features Heavy Duty Stretchable Webbing.


  • Pu covered single center line system: The trim line and flagging line are contained in a single pu tube for maximum line protection and smooth bar movement.
  • Below-the-bar swivel: The below-the-bar swivel delivers smooth line twist management to keep your front lines twist free.
  • Durable trim loop chicken finger: The chicken fifinger holds the trim loop secure on the harness hook in the event of slack lines or extreme sheeting angles, reducing the chance of unintentional unhooking.
  • High quality trim cleat: Stainless trim cleat locks the trim line securely in place even with the lightest rider input. This cleat is fitted with an injection molded velcro cover which secures the trim line handle while not in use.
  • Snap in reload quick release trim loop (iso 21853 certified): Engineered for consistent, hassle-free operation, the trim loop features a linear release force for easy release and reload regardless of the tension on the line. Featuring snap in reset, the push away quick release loop sets the standard in ease of use, security, and is loaded with features to enhance your ride while delivering reliable release and depower flag out. Line connectors are sleeved for maximum protection and to eliminate line wear.
  • Auto reset technology: The push release cuff remains held in the open and ready-to-reset position at all angles of release. Simply push the free end of the trim loop into the reset chamber and the release cuff automatically snaps back into position.
    For added security, the stainless steel release pin is shrouded by the release cuff, guarding your hand from release pin motion during activation. The push release cuff features an ergonomic grip. The smooth surface on the backside of the cuff reduces accidental activation of the release cuff.
  • Premium tls 500 flying lines: The new torque 2 bar will include proven, premium, pre-stretched tls 500 flying lines. Line lengths are 22 m + 2 m for ideal adjustability and performance. The line connectors are sleeved for maximum protection and to eliminate line wear.
    For added safety, the tls 500 flying lines are colored:
    Left back line = red
    Right back line = blue
    Front center lines = grey


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