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(Español) Una alianza perfecta entre diseño y calidad de materiales, la nueva cometa Pivot nos ofrece un balance increíble entre rendimiento y versatilidad. 2 veces campeona del King Of The Air


Naish Pivot S27 LE Kite

“You know that feeling of being reunited with an old friend and for a moment it’s like you were never apart? That’s the same feeling when you ride the Pivot plus the extra adrenaline and power to enjoy the Big Air even more”. – The Kiteboarder

A perfect marriage of design and quality materials, the new Pivot kite offers an incredible balance of performance and versatility. A 2 time King Of The Air Champion and 2021 Big Air Kite League Champion, the Pivot S27 continues to lead the industry in freeride, surf, foil and big air. The Quad Tex ripstop makes the kite more durable, while offering increased lightness and reactivity. With additional reinforcements, they have added Dacron on the tips and double ripstop on the trailing edge. For those looking for extra adrenaline, the Pivot is the perfect kite for you.

Key Features:

-Power Lock Bridles: A new bridle has been added to hold the centre part of the kite to better secure the arc of the kite in high load situations. The wingtips remain the same, maintaining the great responsiveness and turning ability of the kite.

Quad-Tex ripstop: The Quad-Tex 4 ripstop fabric is an extremely tough material that allows for a strong and rigid canopy. The Quad-Tex will withstand the most extreme conditions while maintaining great performance throughout the life of the kite.

-HT Plus Seam: High tenacity stitching all along the leading edge, allowing you to inflate your kite to maximum pressure for unrivalled flying performance.

-EVA protectors: EVA protectors in key areas will protect your kite from scratches and chafing during inflation, launch and landing.

SureLock Valves: Safe and easy to inflate non-return valve.

-Diagonal Stitching: The kite’s diagonal stitching distributes the tension perfectly for a more powerful and balanced kite.

-Radial Segmented Arc: The arc of the kite is made up of multiple panels that shape the arc of the kite and eliminate sharp areas in the arc.

-Bridle Trim System: This trim system will allow you to refine the performance of the kite, allowing you to ride a larger kite in stronger winds more comfortably.

-2-Ply Trailling Edge: The 2-Ply trailing edge perfectly disperses canopy stress to reduce wear and tear and improve the durability of the kite.

-Rib Protection: Reinforced moulded protection to protect the ribs from wear and tear.

-Aramid Patches: These patches offer protection and reinforcement to the leading edge seams.

-One Point Inflation System: Naish’s system offers fast and comfortable inflation and deflation.

-Progressive Profile: The evolution of the profile, the wingspan and the wingtips, offer a kite that allows to generate more power thanks to the central area but minimizing the resistance and allowing faster turns thanks to the wingtips.



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