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Wing Foil Race/Speed

Remaining at the forefront of progression and development, the new Hover Wing Foil Bullet is designed for riders who want to go as fast as possible and are looking to be a part of the growing wing foil racing movement. Featuring a two-stage rocker, the Bullet provides more “get going” performance and allows you to use a powered up wing and the smallest foil possible to achieve the highest speeds. Featuring a large and steep bevel allows for more rail clearance in order to angle the board harder while riding upwind. The board’s flat deck is suited for a wider stance, giving the rider additional control. The Bullet is the latest and greatest in wing foil racing that offers maximum performance when riding powered with the goal of high speeds and winning.


  • Molded Carbon Pre-preg Construction
    The pre-preg construction guarantees the perfect resin content in the fibers, creating the lightest board weight without sacrificing stength .
  • Diamond Diecut EVA Pad with Micro Dot Embossing
    The micro dot embossed EVA pad is lightweight, ensuring a strong grip and better durability over time.
  • High density PVC foil track system with (2) 10” US Boxes
    Our high-density PVC foil track system with (2) 10” US boxes will get you on the fin or the foil as quickly as possible.
  • Center Back Foot Arch
    Provides a comfortable stance, an easily recognized foot position, and a better grip on the board.
  • Segmented Rocker Line
    Provides ease of getting up and riding on the foil early and has enough nose lift to guarantee smooth entry if coming off the foil at any speed.
  • Footstrap Insert Layout (Footstraps not included)
    The footstrap insert layout allows for a wider stance that is necessary for high speed racing

    Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
    Hover Wing Foil Bullet 65 4’10″/147.3 cm 21 4/5″/55.4 cm 4 7/8″/12.4 cm 65 L
    Hover Wing Foil Bullet 85 5’1″/155.4 cm 25″/63.5 cm 5 3/10″/13.5 cm 85 L





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65, 85


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