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Gath Surf Convertible Helmet

Gath Surf Convertible, designed for surfing, it is the lightest helmet available worldwide. Unique fit system adheres incredibly comfortably to pierce through waves.

Go ahead, buy a Gath Surf Convertible – the best known and most trusted brand for the best head protection in surfing sports. Cool style, of the space age, with unsurpassed quality and performance. Gath backs its Australian Design Award winning surf helmet with two new models designed for the requirements of sports professionals and enthusiasts.. With surprising innovation in versatility and style, comfort and protection against the most regular injuries, sheltered from the elements, GATH continues to lead the way with all the design criteria that are essential for the safe and practical use of water..

Technical information

Gath helmets are made from quality materials to strict specifications and are built to last and backed by a warranty of 3 years. All materials are strong, durable, rust proof and will withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

housing – long-lasting plastic, stable to UV rays and high impact resistance.

Visors – stable, high-quality UV-resistant plastic.

Peaks – UV resistant plastic, shock resistant, flexible and durable.

Coating – Multi-impact foam, not water absorbent.

Diadem – Foam 10 mm thick, multi impact, not water absorbent.

Accessories – All Gath helmet custom made screws and rivets are made from strong non-corrosive and salt water resistant materials.

Restraint system – made with non-elastic tapes approved by standards, Standards-approved quick-release buckles for secure retention and equipped with non-water absorbent nylon foam for added comfort.

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