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GA-SAILS Windsurf sail Vapor Air 2023


  • Sizes: 4.8 / 6.0 / 7.3 / 8.5
  • Discipline: Foil Racing

Accelerate in the lightest breeze and fly over the finish line in first place with the 2023 Vapor Air!

GA Team designed the Vapor Air with the new 3D software, which allows them to maximize precision in the sail’s profile and optimize twist and draft characteristics.

A new sizing structure provides the perfect sail size for all conditions on the racing course with an overall compact sail range to easily comply with all racing regulations.

The Vapor Air’s incredibly light feeling in your hands is achieved by implementing a 7-batten configuration on all sizes and simplifying the panel layout.

With its updated twist pattern, aspect ratio and outline the Vapor Air provides maximum control and performance on the foil racing course and in a huge wind range.

No compromises are made during the development of the Vapor Air collection, which allows you to unleash incredible performance while racing and flying at high speed.


  • 4-CAM PERFORMANCE DESIGN – Two race cambers are combined with two small cambers for a perfect mix between no-compromise performance and effortless batten rotation.
  • HIGH TENSION PROFILE – High tension in the Vapor Air’s profile provides controllability and profile stability in extreme racing conditions.
  • ADAPTABLE VAPOR QUIVER – A new range of sail sizes provides you with the perfect quiver for all conditions and racing competitions.
Size (m2) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Mast length Mast diameter Battens Cams Vario top Weight (kg) Discipline
4.8 413 174 400 SDM 7 4 5.20 Foil/Race/Slalom
6.0 458 194 460 SDM 7 4 5.72 Foil/Race/Slalom
7.3 499 215 490 SDM 7 4 6.31 Foil/Race/Slalom
8.5 539 230 520 SDM 7 4 6.68 Foil/Race/Slalom

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4.8, 6.0, 7.3, 8.5


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