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Cabrinha XO 2022 Kiteboard

freeride and big air kiteboard from Cabrinha for the lighter kitesurfers

The Cabrinha XO is the perfect kiteboard for lighter and smaller riders. Thanks to a strong and lightweight construction, it is a super durable kiteboard. Thanks to dynamic pop, the kiteboard is ideal for big air, so that you can easily set a new personal height record! Maximum upwind performance and reliable grip make this kiteboard ideal for beginners and advanced kite surfers.

The Cabrinha XO 2022 is made of Paulownia wood with fiberglass layers for a strong and lightweight construction. Thanks to this construction, the kiteboard has the perfect flex, which makes the kiteboard ideal for lighter kit surfers. In combination with the narrower stance, this is the perfect freeride and big air kiteboard. The four double channels in the tips ensure that you can push off hard without effort and always have the right amount of grip. The channels in the rails give you the necessary grip to effortlessly keep a fully powered kite and you can ride without difficulty even in the roughest conditions. The Cabrinha XO 2022 has medium rocker and flex, making the kiteboard forgiving, comfortable and easy upwind.

Are you a light or somewhat smaller rider and are you looking for a high performance kiteboard with which you can grow endlessly and discover the latest tricks? Then the Cabrinha XO 2022 is the perfect kiteboard for you!


  • Freeride | Big Air | Freestyle
  • Optimized for smaller and lighter kite surfers
  • Medium rocker
  • Moderate Flex
  • Quad tip channels
  • Rail channels
  • Good upwind properties
  • Narrower stance
  • Paulownia wood core
  • Includes fins and grab handle




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