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The new AXIS Progressive Carbon foil tail wings are tail wings that offer great turning ability.

These wings are the latest rear wing design, suitable for more advanced riders and perfectly matched with the smaller HPS, ART or BSC and PNG wings. Mostly flat wings but with a very subtle dip, these wings combine excellent speed with sensational turns.

Who are these spoilers for?
AXIS Progressive rear wings are round wings for intermediate and advanced riders combined with higher performance front wings like the HPS, ART, PNG and BSC.

Why design the AXIS Progressive rear wings?
After testing the firm, fast and stable feel of AXIS Speed ​​380/60 and 420/60 rear wings, in flat water, racing, and the big, fast waves for foil surfing. AXIS designers felt that you could still offer more spin to riders who wanted it. After several iterations and adjustments, AXIS created the Progressive Carbon wing 350/63, 375/64, 400/65, 425/66, 450/67 and 475/68.

Medium in aspect, with a thin foil section and subtle tips down, this new design feels fluid and loose, offering predictable control and positive acceleration. Even intermediate foilers will notice the difference right away. It handles very well in rough flying conditions (just set it and forget it) and with the thin foil section it’s still gratifyingly fast. AXIS Progressive rear wings feel like a natural extension of your feet.

AXIS Progressive pairs perfectly with AXIS ART and AXIS HPS tall aspect front wings and will work great with any foil for riders looking to improve their turns and carves. As always, size your rear wing based on your experience and the size of the front wing. (larger sizes for less experienced riders and larger pairs of front wings)

You may be thinking: why are hind wings important? Aren’t they just stabilizers to balance the front wing? Well, that’s what many thought too, in the early days. A rear spoiler can change your life. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but it will significantly affect the handling characteristics of the entire foil setup.

Try AXIS Progressive rear wings and you’ll immediately know what we’re talking about.

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325mm, 350mm, 375mm, 400mm


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