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The Axis SP (Surf Performance) Wings Complete Foil Pack is a pack made up of Red Series components.

Depending on the size of the front and rear wing that is selected, benefits will be obtained for the different disciplines.

This complete foil packs are composed of:

1 x Front wing of your choice
1 x Rear wing of your choice
1 x Red Series short fuselage
1 x Set of screws
1 x Red Series mast 75cm
1 x Base plate
1 x Adapter
1 x Tef-Gel lubricant

The AXIS SP range of foil wings has been designed with Performance Surf foiling in mind. Three sizes available SP 860, 760 and 660.

The largest size of the new Surf Performance wings, the 860, answers the foil surfers need for fast, loose turns in medium to small sized waves.

The smaller ones, SP 660 – SP 760 allow you to surf more in the “pocket” of the wave. They don’t separate you and leave you too far, like other wings do. These are true surf wings with very good pumping to easily pump into the wave.

Their deep V design keeps you glued to the wave and is much easier to keep in the zone.

The AXIS SP 860 besides being a very good wing for surfing is also a wing that behaves very well for kite foiling. You can go as slow as you want, it turns super tight and it also allows you to push it on those faster downwinds.

The SP 860 can also be a high performance SUP wing for bigger days or lighter riders. And if it’s really windy, the SP 860 may be the perfect Wing Surf wing with the most surf you’ve ever used.

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Front 860mm/ Area 1293, Front 760mm/Area 1219, Front 660mm/Area 1113


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