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The Axis Origianl CarveWings Complete Foil Pack is a pack made up of Red Series components.

Depending on the size of the front and rear wing that is selected, benefits will be obtained for the different disciplines.

This complete foil packs are made up of:

1 x Front wing of your choice
1 x Rear wing of your choice
1 x Red Series short fuselage
1 x Screw set
1 x Mástil Red Series 75cm
1 x Base plate
1 x adapter
1 x Lubricating Tef-Gel


AXIS carbon front spoiler 1020 mm is perfect for surf sessions, sup, pumping, downwind o wake foiling. Compatible con fuselajes AXIS. This is a huge wing designed to catch the smallest hits out there. And when it comes to flat water pumping and dock starting, the 1020 domina.

Technical data:

Size: 1020 mm
Rope: 250 mm
Surface: 2051 square cm
Volume: 4161 cubic cm / 254 cubic inches

recommended use:

-Dock start (Departure from dock)
– DOWNWIND Foiling
– SUP / Surfing for heavy practitioners
– WAKE at low speed.
PUMP Foiling infinito

rear wing options:

– S-Series Carbon 500 for maximum control and stability (input levels)
– S-Series Carbon 460 for loose, high-speed turns (advanced)
– Carbon 420 S-series for maximum performance (speed and spin – intermediate +). One of our favorite rear wings for the HPS series wings.
– S-Series Carbon 440 for control and stability (all levels)


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