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The Axis HPS (High Performance Speed) Wings Complete Foil Pack is a pack consisting of Black Series components and HPS wings. Depending on the size of the front and rear wing selected, benefits will be obtained for the different disciplines.

This complete foil packs are made up of:

1 x Front wing of your choice
1 x Rear wing of your choice
1 x Black Series short fuselage
1 x set of screws
1 x Red Series 75cm Mast
1 x base plate
1 x Adapter
1 x Tef-Gel lubricant

Contact us if you want an à la carte montage of this pack.

High Performance Speed (HPS) wings are FAST. Designed to offer the highest performance, but accessible enough to be used by most practitioners. Since HPS wings use their own narrower chord and less camber foil section, we developed a special fuselage that will fit all HPS and future performance forward wings. The Black-Series airframes.

HPS wings are the ideal high performance wings for WINGING and DOWNWIND. High level practitioners also SUP, WAKE and WINDSURF foil with the larger sizes, while the smaller sizes are perfect for TOW, freestyle WINGING and KITE foiling.

This is a new generation of front wing made for FAST handling, while still being stable and predictable with an enormous amount of glide and big turns.

AXIS B Series 1050mm Carbon Wing – Area 1502 HPS
Technical data:

Measurement: 1050mm / 41 inches
Maximum rope: 170 mm
Middle chord: 123 mm
Aspect Ratio: 7.55
Surface: 1502 square cm
Camber (as % of String): 2.5
Volume: 1665 cubic cm / 102 cubic inches

Recommended use:
– WING Surf for intermediate level +. Light to medium conditions: FAST riding
– DOWNWIND – Lighter wind / smaller waves – FAST driving
– SUP / Surf – Intermediate level +. Small/medium waves, FAST surfing and tons of sliding
– WAKE FOIL – Intermediate level + – FAST riding and tons of sliding
– PUMPING – Intermediate level +. It needs the practitioner to maintain sufficient speed. Endless sliding when you go fast
– WINDSURF FOIL – early and easy rise – FAST.

Rear wing options:
– Carbon S-Series 500 for maximum control and stability (entry levels)
– S-Series 460 carbon for loose, high-speed turning (advanced)
– 420 S-series carbon for maximum performance (speed and spin – intermediate +). One of our favorite rear spoilers for the HPS series wings.
– Carbon S-Series 440 for control and stability (all levels)
– S-Series 400 carbon for a looser feel and carvy turns while maintaining a good amount of control (intermediate)
– S-Series 390 Carbon for Wing and Surf with good spin control and additional slide
– S-Series 370 carbon for a loose feel and quick turns, with less stability (intermediate). The Rear Spoiler That Does It All – One of our favorite spoilers for the HPS series front wings.
– S-Series 340 Carbon for an even looser feel and even less drag and more speed. (advanced)
Anhedral carbon S-Series 500 specific for windsurfing foiling

The AXIS Carbon Front Spoiler comes with a padded AXIS zippered case, in heather grey, and AXIS branding, for safer transport and storage.



Additional information

Front Wing

Front 1050mm / Area 1502, Front 980mm / Area 1323, Front 930mm / Area 1214, Front 880 / Area 1112, Front 700mm / Area 890


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