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Airush Unit 2022 Bar

Premium all-round bar from Airush

The Airush Unit 2022 bar is Airush’s premium all-round bar and has many features. The quick release system used with the Unit is the amazing Intelligent Quick Release system (IQR). The IQR system makes the quick release super user-friendly. When the quick release is pulled, the quick release remains open until the chickenloop is clicked back in. When you hear a click, you’re ready to continue your session! The safety leash ring is easy to ride suicide. The ring to which the leash is attached has been made slightly larger and moved more to the side. These adjustments to the leash ring make the QR extra safe and super compact.

The depower main line is covered with a PU tube which brings great advantages. The bar moves very smoothly over the depower line and the life of the depower line is considerably extended. The center hole of the bar is made of stainless steel for extra wear resistance and an even smoother up and down movement of the bar. The trim handle is neatly finished, making the handle easy to grap and depower your kite with some effort.


  • 4 lines
  • 23 meters
  • IQR safety system
  • Stainless steel Center hole
  • Easy depower
  • Freestyle leash ring

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