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Airush minimalist bar with new IQR system

The Airush Ultra bar has been developed with the same thought as the Ultra kite: super simple, versatile and lightweight. With the Airush Ultra bar you get the most out of your Airush Ultra kite. The main difference between the Ultra bar and the other kitesurf bars of Airush is the possibility of depower with straps or a clam cleat. These somewhat large depower systems have been omitted from the design of the Airush Ultra bar. You can set more or less depower at the beginning of your session by means of a adjusting a knot above the depower cord. The depower cord has become longer and this way you get the most out of your depower range on the cord and you have less resistance to the air by leaving out the depower systems.

The lightweight Ultra bar is adjustable in width from 50 to 60 centimeters. New this year is the super simple and safe IQR (Intelligent Quick Release) safety system. This system is easy to operate with one hand. You push the red part away from you to activate the safety system. You can then easily push the end of the chicken loop back into the IQR system and the Quick release system is ready for use again. You will hear and feel a clear click when the system is closed again. You can attach various chicken loops to the IQR system. With the Ultra bar it is recommended to use the small chickenloop or wave chickenloop because you have the widest possible depower range.


  • Simple and lightweight
  • New IQR system
  • 24 meters of lines
  • 50 – 60 centimeters wide
  • Large depower range


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