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Airush Session 2022 Kite

Versatile all-round performance kite for wave and freeride from Airush

New this year in the Airush line up is the Airush Session 2022. The Airush Session is the improved successor of the old Airush Wave. The Session is intended for the freeride and wave ride kite surfer. As a wave rider you will love the Session for its very good drift, fast turning speed and “power on demand” if you want it. The new Airush Session is also a godsend for the freeride kite surfer and for the kitesurfer who wants a easy kite to start with. That is because the new Airush Session 2022 gives you a very good depower, in addition, the Session will quickly feel familiar due to its stable character. Another nice extra is the quick relaunch of the Session. This is useful for the wave rider but also the novice kite surfer when you steer your kite into the water by accitend.

A nice new addition to the Airush Session 2022 is the ability to fly the Session on a fixed or pulley bridle setting. This gives the Airush Session two different characteristics. If you want a more direct and faster steering Session with a real “on / off” button when you pull the bar, then you fly the Session on the fixed bridle. This setting is ideal for the dedicated wave rider. If you want a friendly Session with a light bar pressure, a very comfortable power building, more stable character and the largest depower range, you can fly the Session on the Pulley Bridle setting. This setting is often used by the freeride and novice kite surfer.

Just like the other top model kites from Airush, the Airush Session has a super strong but light weight construction by using a LoadFrame with WebTech. This is a web of strong yarn stitched through the canopy to evenly distribute the force acting on the kite. As a result, Airush has used less heavy Dacron material, making the Session lightweight, but retaining quality and durability. The canopy of the Airush Session is made of a double ripstop material: Technoforce D2. Strong and light. Because you will of course crash your kite from time to time, the Sesison is reinforced at critical points with bumpers and kevlar. This way you do not have to worry that the Session will break at the slightest crash.


  • Freeride | Wave
  • 4 lines
  • Fixed or pulley bridle option
  • Good drift
  • Large depower range
  • Fast relaunch
  • LoadFrame
  • WebTech
  • Technoforce D2



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