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Airush One V2 2023 Kite

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Airush One V2 2023 Kite

Lightwind beginner kite for rapid progression

The Airush One V2 2023 is the single strut lightwind kite from Airush for novice twintippers and hydrofoil kitesurfers. The One is all about making rapid progress in different disciplines. This second version of the Airush One, the V2 2023, is lighter and has an even easier relaunch, allowing you to spend more time on the water.

Airush has more than ten years of experience with single strut kites. Airush took that experience with them and from there the One arose. The biggest difference with the One and the Ultra is that the One can also be used on a twintip due to a slightly more robust and stiff construction compared to the Ultra. The Ultra has a better low-end and is therefore the better choice for the hydrofoil kitesurfer.

The Airush One V2 has a minimized V3.2 bridle. The bridle system supports the slightly larger leading edge to increase the stability and wind range of the One V2. The One therefore performs very well in gusty conditions. The bridle system has been developed in such a way that there is always tension on the bridle while steering, so that the Airush One feels directly. Due to the rounded wing tips, the Airush One has a super fast relaunch, which is ideal for novice kite surfers.
New this year is the D2 canvas of the Airush One V2 2023 kite. This canopy is lighter than the cloth that was previously used with the Airush One V1. Due to the lighter weight of the V2, the light weather characteristics have been improved and the kite can be used well in less wind. This way you can catch more sessions per year with foil and twintip and make even faster progress.

The Airush One V2 is reinforced in vulnerable places with ‘Airush bumpers’ to ensure that the One V2 lasts extra long. Airush has also made special safety handles on the wingtips, which makes a ‘self-rescue’ easier. Because every kitesurfer is unique and has its own wishes with regard to steering speed and bar pressure, you can adjust this to your own preferences. The wing tip of the One has two attachment points for more or less bar pressure.

In short, are you looking for a sturdy single strut kite to improve your twintip and foil skills with less wind? Then the Airush One V2 is definitely a kite for you!


  • Light weather | Beginner
  • For twintip and hydrofoil
  • Low V split
  • New Techno force D2 canopy
  • Quick relaunch
  • Stable character
  • Extra reinforcements




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