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Airush Lithium V13 2022 up at the premises

Forgiving all-round kite from Airush

The Airush Lithium V13 2022 is a great all-round kite, with this kite you can have hours of fun on the water. The Lithium is very easy to ride. The kite feels nice and light at the bar. A light bar pressure is very nice for the rider who isn’t so strong or just for the rider who wants to cruise relaxed without too much power. The kite is well predictable, which makes it a forgiving kite and gives you a nice and familiar feeling. A very important characteristic of the Airush Lithium V13 2022 is that it is easy to relaunch. Airush has paid a lot of attention to a quick relaunch, which is reflected in the shape of the wingtips. The angled wing tips ensure that the tips don’t stick to the water. The powerful three strut design of the Lithium gives the kite an enormous wind range, so you can ride the kite for a super long time and the kite also feels comfortable in gusty conditions. The bridle of the Lithium ensures that the kite retains its steering characteristics as much as possible, even when the kite is completely depowered! Due to the bridles, the kite is further forward in the wind window, so you can easily ride upwind. The Airush Lithium V13 2022 is not only a wonderful all-round kite for beginners, but also advanced riders can have hours of fun with this kite. This year Airush has done everything to improve the jumping characteristics and the hang time. With the Lithium you can jump nicely and make sick progress!

Let’s talk about the technical aspects of the Airush Lithium V13 2022. New this year is the canvas. The fabric is made of D2 canopy and Modulus Polyethylene Yarns. This new fabric is lighter and improves the wind range. This fabric has a high density and uses double coated polyester yarn. A major advantage of this is that the double coating protects the yarn as much as possible against UV and wear damage. The Leading Edge of the Lithium features Airush bumpers to reduce wear and increase durability on rough surfaces. You can adjust the Lithium V13 2022 from high bar pressure to low bar pressure on the tips. This year the bridle system has been shortened by 10%. The shorter bridle allows for faster rotational speed and contributes to the total de-power. The pulleys of the Lithium are made of strong Zytel material for high strength which prevents wear. The Lithium’s SPS valve ensures quick inflation and quick deflation of the kite, so you can get on the water as quickly as possible! Kevlar has been placed in the most critical areas of the Airush Lithium to protect these areas from wear and tear while minimizing weight.

This is the ideal all-round kite for the novice and advanced kite surfer. If you are looking for a kite to make fast progress with, this is the best choice for you!


  • Airush Lithium 2022
  • all round | freeride
  • Delta hybrid shape
  • Three struts
  • Easy relaunch
  • Airush bumpers
  • Round wing tip
  • little bar pressure
  • V3.2 pulley bridle
  • Kevlar reinforcement
  • sizes: 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 12 | 14 | 17

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5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17


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