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Airush Lift V3 2024 – BIG AIR

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Airush Lift V3  Kite

Completely renewed and improved Airush Lift for big air and kiteloops

The Airush Lift V3 has undergone a mega transformation. Almost everything has changed compared to the Lift V2. As a result, the Lift V3 has made a huge step forward. The Lift V3 steers smoother, jumps higher, loops easier and is more stable in all conditions. What Airush claims is really true: New Lift, New Rules!

So what has really changed? The most noticeable change are the wider wingtips on the Lift V3. As a result, the new version has a more stable character than its predecessor and it ensures that the V3 steers faster. In addition, a thinner leading edge ensures that the Lift V3 flies more smoothly through the air and catches you faster after a loop or downloop, but also boosts higher for big air!
Another major upgrade is the new bridle setup. The bridle setup largely determines the flying characteristics of a kite, and the adjustment of this is very sensitive. The bridle setup uses a hybrid fixed bridle with a stopper ball so that the Lift V3 always has the perfect angle to the wind. This upgrade provides huge performance benefits in the field of big air, freeride and kiteloops.

The construction of the Airush Lift V3 is super solid. The five strut frame gives the kite a very good high-end and will keep its profile in all circumstances for the perfect lift. The canopy is made of premium Technoforce D2, which has proven itself to last a very long time over the years. Kevlar reinforcements have been installed at strategic points around the Lift V3 to extend the life of the Airush Lift V3. The new Lift V3 flies at a low V powerline split so there’s no need to adjust your bar.

We have tested the Lift V3 ourselves and are really surprised by the performance. The Airush Lift V3 can without a doubt call itself one of the finest big air, freeride and kiteloop kites on the market. This is the perfect kite for kitesurfers looking for more height in their jumps, controlled kiteloops and a stable kite in all conditions. New Lift, new rules!

Airush Lift V3 Kite Specifications

  • Allround | Big Air
  • New wingtips
  • New bridle setup
  • More big air
  • Directly send
  • Technoforce D2
  • Airush bumpers
  • Tip tune options


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