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Airush Lift V2 2022 Kite

The ultimate high performance big air kite from Airush

The Airush Lift is made for boosting. Combined with crazy hangtime, this kite will take your big air and freeride level to new heights!

The Airush Lift V2 2022 is a kite that is fully focused on the big air qualities of the present. The kite is friendly, but can also be pushed in the most hardcore conditions for the ultimate boost! The lift has a 5 strut frame, which makes the kite feel stable even in the most gusty conditions. In addition, the 5 strut frame also provides a large wind range. Thanks to the wide open C profile, you go gradually, but insanely high during a jump and (perhaps more importantly) you descend gradually for a buttery soft landing. The Airush Lift V2 has pulley bridles so that the Lift has a lighter bar pressure, but is direct enough to feel the position of the kite. The kite has adjustment options for bar pressure, with the larger sizes having more adjustment options than the smaller sizes. What is also unique about this bridle system is that even when the Airush Lift is completely depowered, the kite still remains super controllable. The Airush Lift can be flown on a high and low Y split and even comes with a ring with which you can make the Y split at 15M from the power lines.

The fabric of the Airush Lift V2 2022 is made of Technoforce D2 Canopy. This fabric has a high-density structure, which makes the canopy very strong and also optimally protected against the UV radiation of the sun. The Technoforce D2 Canopy is used in combination with the Airush Load Frame. The Airush Load Frame is a reinforcement that goes through the fabric, so that less Dacron needs to be used in the Airush Lift. This makes the kite many times lighter, but the kite remains super strong! If you want to make progress, your kite will of course crash during your session (some more than others), but no worries! The Airush Lift has added Airush-Bumpers in the most crucial places to limit wear and extend the life of the kite.

Are you a rider looking for exceptional hangtime, explosive power and stability in the most rugged conditions? Then the Airush Lift V2 is without a doubt the perfect kite for you!


  • Big Air | High Performance
  • 5 struts
  • Hangtime machine
  • 4 line
  • High and low Y split
  • Pulley bridles
  • Technoforce D2 Canopy
  • Load Frame
  • Airush Bumpers
  • Webtech



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