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Airush Ultra Bar V3 2023

Airush’s lightweight bar

The Airush Ultra Bar V3 2023 is designed for riders looking for a lightweight 4-line bar. The bar is simple and clean with no unnecessary features. The lightweight construction makes this the perfect bar for wave and foil riders. The lines have been updated this year with thinner and stronger BraidTech BT450-SK76 Dyneema lines, providing an even more direct feel with the kite. The middle hole of the bar where the depower line passes through has been enlarged this year. Enlarging this hole makes the bar move even more smoothly. The strong Dyneema depower line is protected by a PU cover to extend the life of the depower line.

The Airush Ultra Bar V3 2023 comes with Airush’s user-friendly single click-in Quick Release. You can release the kite quickly and safely in case of emergency and with a single action, you can reattach the chicken loop. The Quick Release meets ISO standards and is equipped with a small and slider rope chicken loop. The lines are divided into frontlines with: 9 + 14 + 4m and backlines with: 19 + 4m, allowing the bar to be fully adjusted to the rider’s preferences.

Specifications Airush Ultra Bar V3 2023

  • Lightweight bar
  • 50 cm wide
  • Single click in IQR
  • BraidTech BT450-SK76 Dyneema lines
  • Enlarged center hole
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Easy to maintain PU cover
  • Dyneema depower line
  • Frontlines: 9 + 14 + 4m Backlines: 19 + 4m

Airush Ultra Bar V3 2023




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